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About Us

Our Logo

About Us

The JACK Logo

Regulars to the event have nicknamed the event THE JACK.

The 3 circles symbolise the event

  • Charity (Yellow) – The biggest and most important circle underpinning the whole event.
  • Golf (Turquoise) – Positioned in the middle to bring the other two aspects together. Through sport we create memories, forge friendships and in this case provide hope for those in need.
  • Togetherness (Orange) – By attending ‘The Jack’ you become part of a diverse social unit that extends beyond the event. It’s a family.

These key aspects of the event have been paramount for creating a legacy that will continue to thrive in an attempt to further the efforts of Jack Newton Junior Golf and Diabetes. We care about the world we live in and ‘The Jack’ is our chance to make meaningful change.

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Are you interested in playing golf either seriously or not so seriously?  In a beautiful location surrounded by amazing people, enjoying lots of laughs and making friends that will last a lifetime? If so, register below to play in our very own Jack Newton Celebrity Classic golf day.